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7 Things the Other Guys Don't Want You to Know


Let’s face it. The credit industry has suffered a few black eyes over the years. Add “repair” to that, and it gets even worse.

The truth of the matter, as we’ve said before, is that there is no one company out there who can “fix” your credit report. Only you can do that by reducing your debt, curbing your spending, and paying your bills on time.

Hold on though. When it comes to fixing errors that are dragging down your credit score, that’s a different story. We know because it’s what we do. And, we do much faster than the other guys.

Here are seven things you need to know before you engage a company that claims it will help repair your damaged credit score:

  1. 1. You have options!
  2. Until now the prevailing payment method was subscription-based (monthly fees no matter what, if anything, gets fixed on your credit report). With 20/20 Credit, you pay an initial fee and thereafter only for errors/mistakes that we successfully remove from your report.
  3. 2. You don’t need to wait months for results.
  4. On average, it takes between 60 and 90 days to resolve disputes with the Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA) – not six to nine months.
  5. 3. Your errors/mistakes are unique.
  6. That’s why we tailor every dispute letter we send to exactly what’s wrong on your reports. Other companies send form letters.
  7. 4. Multiple disputes can be sent together.
  8. It’s not true that disputes must be sent one-at-a-time. We produce resolutions much faster because we don’t drag the process out unnecessarily.
  9. 5. Analyzing your credit report should be free.
  10. Most people obtain their credit reports at no charge from the Credit Reporting Agencies, so why pay to have it analyzed?  We work with you at no charge to pinpoint any fixable errors/mistakes.
  11. 6. Don’t pay for more than you have to.
  12. Even with our pay-for-success model (you don’t pay unless we fix it) we still cap the total amount you have to pay. No one else offers that option.
  13. 7. Experience counts.
  14. 20/20 Credit’s leadership has more than 200 years of combined experience working in and with the top three credit reporting agencies. They understand the business and how to effectively, and ethically, work within it to produce successful results for you.